Terms and Conditions
All riders must have a motorbike license - A learners is acceptable but yuo must be with a fully licenced rider at all times.
You must present your current valid licence when hiring your motorcycle.
International license holders are required to present your passport - your motorcycle licence from your country of origin - for riders whose licence is in a foreign language your international motor cycle riders permit.
Support services include mechanical support and fuel for the bperiod of the rental.
Riding Conditions
All riders must comply with Australian road rules and State regulations and acts that are applicable in the areas that you will ride.
All riders must comply with Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals rules and regulations, sign an indemnity form and be licensed for a motorcycle.
It is a condition that an approved crash helmet and protective clothing including dirt bike boots be worn at all times. If you choose not to bring your own helmet and riding gear we can supply clothing, helmets and boots for a small fee.
Under no condition is the motorcycle to be used in any competition motorsport event with out the prior written approval of Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals.​
It is a condition of hire and due to legal requirements that only the nominated rider named on the rental agreement may ride and operate the rental motorcycle. Failure to adhere to the above terms and conditions will result in immediate cancelation of rental agreement and forfeit of all funds paid including security bond.
Due to the remote location of some riding areas in the case of heavy rainfall, flood or bush fire Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals reserves the right to alter the itinerary or location due to operational or safety considerations, clients will be included in the consultation process for identifying an alternative riding area.
Depending on the selected riding area, riders will experience a range of off-road conditions e.g. Native forest, Creeks, Dirt, Rock, Mud, Wildlife, Logs and other natural trail hazards. Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals will liaise with each client regarding their riding experience and skill level so they can organise a suitable riding package for the best experience available.
Full Payment is required on booking and is non refundable within 30 days of a cancellation. Please read the rental bike Cancelation Policy listed below.
Rental price is per day from 9 am to 5pm, failure to return with in that time frame unless previously arranged will incur an additional days hire.  All bikes must be returned to the support team’s storage facility (delivery location) by 5pm regardless of length of hire.
Speeding fines and other penalties are to be paid by the hirer. A fee $50 may be added for the handling of unpaid fines.

Hire Payment
We have a limited number of bikes available therefore full payment is a prerequisite of booking and is non refundable with in 30 days of cancellation.
The following fees apply if you have to cancel your booking
Over 30 days before booked bike rental dates - Full refund
2 weeks before booked bike rental dates - 50% refund
2 weeks or less - no refund
If your bike is rebooked after your cancellation and costs are recovered we will refund you the full amount.
Brisbane dirt bike rentals is not liable or responsible for any personal injury, accident or illness however caused. We recommend you have personal insurance or travel insurance which offers cover while motorcycling. Brisbane dirt bike rentals accept no responsibility for client’s failure to organise appropriate insurance cover.  If you are injured and require an ambulance or helicopter to assist with your recovery all costs will be the responsibility of the rider, we suggest riders from Queensland check with the QLD ambulance service to ensure you are covered.
Brisbane dirt bike rentals is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings.
Damages and Insurance
The renter is liable for all damage to the bike. A bond of $400 will be withheld to cover any damage to the bike and the rider will cover any cost for replacement parts required, a list of part prices is available from the support team. The renter must not undertake any mechanical repairs without the consent and supervision of Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals.
All our bikes are registered and insured for on or off road and in the case severe damage or loss the $400 bond will be retained as insurance excess. This insurance DOES NOT cover bodily injury or personal belongings damaged or lost, Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals recommends that the hirer takes out travel insurance that offers cover while motorcycling.
In the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident your support team will make every effort to repair the bike at the trailer. Where a motorbike has been damaged and cannot be ridden any further Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals are under no obligation to supply or replace another motorcycle for the completion of the rental period and for the remaining period of the hire no compensation can by claimed by the hirer.
Indemnity Release​

By booking a motorbike through Brisbane dirt bike rentals you agree that you understand and agree to the indemnity release detailed below, that is between you and Brisbane dirt bike rentals, its owner, directors, employees or agents. You must agree that you shall participate entirely at your own risk and that you, your successors, executors and administrators will release, indemnify and not instigate any claim, demand or expense against Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals, its owner, directors, employees or agents for any loss of life, personal injury or damage to personal property suffered during or subsequent to events on the rental. You must accept that any track or road whether sealed or unsealed, or any other venue upon which you travel, may have steep, sandy, eroded, dirt, wet or rocky surfaces with defects either exposed or hidden as is the nature of some roads. You must accept that in Australian environments encounters and accidents with wildlife may occur. You must agree to obey and observe all rules and directions given by Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals and that Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals has the right to cancel the rental of your bike for non-adherence to any rule or direction given. You must accept that you are permitted to rent a motorcycle on condition that you ride safely with due care and regard for other people and property. You must acknowledge that motorcycle riding, can be dangerous and that a motorcycle rental may expose you to the possibility of injury or death and further, you must acknowledge that the way other people may ride, drive or act is outside the control of Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals.  You must acknowledge that in remote and forest areas if you are injured there may be no, or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of participants and ambulance or helicopter evacuation may be required. You must acknowledge that if you are injured and require an ambulance or helicopter to assist with your recovery, you are responsible for all costs associated with your evacuation. You agree that you understand that travel insurance to cover all forms of personal injury, repatriation or costs in the event of death is essential and it is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate cover. You agree to wear appropriate motorcycle safety equipment at all times and that you are medically fit to undertake a motorcycle rental. You must agree that you have read and understood the indemnity release and agree that the motorcycle rental whether guided or self guided is entirely at your own risk.