Why rent versus buy?
In today’s busy world it makes sense to rent a dirt bike to ride rather than own one.
If you ride less than 10 times a year or used to own a late model dirt bike and still have the occasional desire to go riding with your mates we have the solution for you.
By renting from Brisbane Dirt Bike Rentals you only pay for the days you use the bike, no rego, no insurance or deprecation costs.
As an example if you purchased a new KTM 500 EXC it would set you back around $15,300 ride away.
You take it home buy the necessary armour require to make it trail proof such as radiator guards, skid plate and hand guards, there another $700. So I am up for $16000.00 to go riding.
2 years later you find you’re not riding as much as you could due to family/work commitments etc. so you sell your bike for the going rate of a 2 year old KTM 500 exc which is $10,000! So there is $3, 000 per annum just in depreciation. Plus you have been paying $300 for rego and $300 for insurance per year also.
So if you’re buying a new bike you are looking at $3,600 per year just to own it! Now if you’re out riding 10 times a year for a full day at say a trail ride or moto park. Let’s list the consumables that will be used during a 12 month period.
2 rear tyres                         $240.00
1 front tyre                         $110.00
Oil changes x 5                   $150.00
Chain and sprockets            $160.00
Air filter and chain lube        $  40.00
Fuel                                   $120.00
Total                                  $820.00
So all in all it will cost you around $4,420 per year to buy and operate a new bike. That’s over 14 day’s full hire!
Remember included in our rental rates the bikes are delivered to your chosen riding location, fully prepped and fuelled and ready to ride, at the end of your days riding you hand the bike back and go home, no cleaning, no maintenance just good times! 

Just imagine: no bike preparation, no trailer to haul and no worries, just turn up and ride.